Saturday, March 5, 2011


since yesterday, after i got a phone called from my office..(FYI our Office is not operating on Friday n Saturday).
saying that my visit to Alam FLora n SWM Sdn Bhd was cancelled by our beloved CEO(who was rumoursly said as perfect candidate at MERLIMAU PRK).hokkay Dato' u cancelled it.fine.. i bought 2 tickets already n when i tried to return it back at TRANSNATIONAL..they only wanted to pay RM27 per ticket instead of RM40 the original price..
i bought 2 tickets..i feel i wanted to resign(hahaha sangat emosional ye)

why? because how come the HR issued a letter .asking for 2 staff from each state on Thursday morning..n then on Monday u said THe CEO didnt know bout that n he didnt agree?who signed the previous letter?
Head of HR? vice CEO?
n sape plak mcm ntah pape call sana sini nak confirm segala macam?
who?of course la kuli2 batak mcm i ye
SYMP la sangat.....

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