Saturday, March 19, 2011

Perancangan Minggu ke-4 Bulan Mac

Or suppose it be written as Perancangan Bulan Mac Minggu keempat? Lols..
As long as everyone who pass by (eceh macam ade org baca blog aku kan) paham udah la.

Ahad mendatang ni (tomorrow ler), will be hectic day(assumed by me)..since there's a lot of work to be taken care of. mana nak confirm ngan MBKT psl pegawai penyelia, mana nak check venue interview in a good condition, mana nak start susun2 segala macam borang according to name list, mana nak siapkan tugas hakiki. ngeri plak rase bile fikir byk sgt ni.

This coming Wednesday n Thursday, there will be an interview for new intake Penguatkuasa. n this is my first time involve n hopely i did not stuck anywhere..(the word STUCK make me feel uneasy).
Harap2 untuk setelkan 311 candidates will not burden all of us in office. Although i already heard some ngo ngeng ngo ngeng behind. i want to stress here that all the committe arrangement was done by my boss kecik n as person who assist her only do my part. i didnt place anyone according to my favor.i never do that.(im dying to do but i cant..ahaks)

So, disebabkan kenampakan hari2 mendatangku bakal busy like a bee. i sudah mengaturkan kegemaran2 i tuk di nikmati 2-3 ari ni..So, an hour ago i went to public library actually im searching for Patricia Cornwell n Kathy Reich book. but couldnt find one. Luckily, i spotted Sidney Sheldons ..byk i borrowed 2. Which are THe Sky Is Falling and The Best Laid Plans..merasa lah mak ngah marathon ni..Nampak gaya tertinggan Doctor In The House buat kali (entah ke berapa).yg tu DITH mmg stuck kat chp 3..

so, after all this end. i shall spend my time visiting Muzium Negeri..there is 1 Asean Tecstile's exhibition..cant wait to.

notakukukakiku::n i need to clear some personal matter before it mess my life

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