Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If tomorrow comes

If tomorrow comes
i will turn to 30
OMG i tot im still 13.hahahahahaha

changing phase..from 20-an to 30-an
too many things to be catched up
to achieve

There's too much in my list
certain thing that i should let go
other thing i have to work harder

my prayer answered already since i succesfully transfered to my hometown
so i may proceed to another wishlist/things to do

im so thanksfull if tomorrow comes n I may celebrate with my loves
tonight already break my diet rules la..
td nyaris pekena pizza hut
tp sebab full house then my BIL pi drive tru mekdi oke
gemuklah mak ngah



  1. happy birthday ja... wahhh seronokla celebrate kt sane ye...

    huhu tahun ni kite dh masuk 3 series kan... wawawawa... takpe, umo 30 tapi jiwa muda mcm 13 hahaah... take care!

  2. heehehe Tq Zura
    aitulah kite kan sentiasa remaja