Tuesday, January 25, 2011


A new series drama ..starting on air 24 January 2011
Directed by my favourite's director Khabir Batia n wirtten by Mira Mustafa
This drama have been speculated to be most watched as Nur Kasih an Kekasihku Seru.

Lucky me, last nite I told my mum about this drama..(since i kacau dia tgk drama kat TV9- Aku bukan Maryam). n she did not argue more n keep on focusing on this Gemilang.

for the 1st episode, wi hat this drama very much!!!!!!!!!
Why..Why Mira made it too sad..it touched everyone's heart.
but i managed to control my tears in front of my mum la..hahahaha
karang kene gelak pulak oke

since CJ already reminds me about my Azhan Rani(believe me, he looks like arwah Kama reza(terengganu born-actor) would be on air only in 1st episode..
so, i had to watch this opening series la kan.

the kid who played Sidek is very very cute n adorable..
He was the one who acted in Proton's comersial yg asyik duk kate 'ye ke? x percayahlah"

the unforgetable scene last night was when Azhan Rani who plyed as father cried on his bed(not really bed la pon)..after handed on his sons n daugher to friends because he was not capable of giving good life to them. Actually, by listening to Cikgu's advice(played by Dato' jalaludin Hassan).. He had to make very hard decision.This all happend after the mother(Dira) died during giving birth to their kid.

What i loved most about this drama is all about the scenery in rubber estate..
When watching Gemilang itself, its reminded me about scene in Winter Sonata when Jung Sang rides his bike with the heroin.

So fo those who missed this drama last night. Dont forget to watch next week every monday at 9pm on TV3

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