Friday, November 22, 2013

pre-vacation. OMG its 16 days left


Dear Diary,

i could not hide my excitement and keep listing what to bring and when to change the Ringgit Malaysia.
Beside all the circumstances which may interrupt mu excitement i still feel worry when i read review from internet about HCM and all about.

Takut beb.takut kene paw dengan kastam. like my mum's advice, baca doa banyak2. kali ni angkut 3 orang plak anak2 wek.
keep listing all the tips n the do's n don't during our vacation.

so petang ni kene gi cari bagpack sbb yg ada dah koyak masa blk dr KL aritu. maklumlah beg tu pon dah lama since 2009 (before i met HIM n now nearly 4year++).

all the pesanan n kiriman barang are STRICTLY prohibited. its all about family vacation.titik.

~cuti dah lulus
~permohonan ke luar negara dah lulus

**travel insurans je x siap2 lagi.. adoila.. ape ke lembab ejen insuranse ni

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